Saturday, March 28, 2009

Why is it I order a tool part after I need it. It took an 1.5 hours to change out an old band saw blade and then sharpen it. If only I had ordered new blades last week like I did yesterday. I could have saved an hour. Maintenance can suck up so much time. Also spent an hour taking apart and changing a sanding drum that gets hours of use a day(just about). Dismantling and lubing up bearings can be messy. It's a good thing to have plenty of saw dust on hand to wipe off the grease.

I normally use a 3/8 10T(3/8 means the width of the blade and the T stands for the number of teeth per inch) for resawing and tighter radius cuts(2 1/2) like for spoons. The only other decent blade was a 1/2 6T(the less teeth you have the rougher and faster the cut). The spoons here have a larger spoon head than what I usually make because of the 3 1/2 radius from the 1/2 blade. New maple has such a nice light creamy color. I've been asked many times if it will stain from use with tomato sauce. My experience has been a slight darkening over time. Not so much red though. Eventually the spoon head gets a nice patina that seasons the spoon for toughness. The only other foods would be berries(blue, straw, purple grapes etc.).

Looking forward to First Friday at Quirk Gallery 311 Broad April 3rd.. It should be a warm no rain night. We'll keep an eye on the weather and hope for the best.

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