Tuesday, March 24, 2009

More swinging of the hammer on Saturday. Putting down some real floor(3/4" teak random length) with my best friend Gary. All went well mainly because we warned each other that this has to be done quick and efficiently and yes we will humiliate the other when a mistake is made. We know how to push each others buttons. I think I may have over done it trying to get job done fast. Moving boxes of flooring, sorting out the 3 different lengths, laying out for Gary to nail and cutting the end pieces. Gary is quite the nailer so it was hustle, hustle. When I woke up Sunday morn my legs did not seem to want to move all that well and the buttocks were so sore that sitting really hurt. Carved up a beauty yesterday morn. A large maple salad bowl 12x12x6.5 $140 in an octagon shape. Later that afternoon I went back to flooring and brought the bowl for show and tell. I would have taken a picture this morning butt left the bowl there(I have a good memory, but always forget to use it). My butt still hurts.

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