Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It was a good productive day for a Monday. Finished off these three maple bowls in the morning. The top 2 are 16x4.25x2 ($40 each) what we call baguette bowls. The other is 9x4x2 $25.

This persimmon is full of character now. I picked it up in July last year from Mechanicsville. The worms and fungus(causing spalting, the black streaking)have done a marvelous job at creating an awesome pattern. They are roughly 10x6x3 though the ends sweep up to 5($40 each). The rounder one is 7 wide. After they have cured up and absorbed as much oil as they will I'll toss them in the oven at 275 for an hour to drive out the last of the worms.

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