Saturday, March 21, 2009

More Maple. Almost looks like tiger print. The top 2 are 9x5.5x2 $25. The larger is 11x8x2 $50. Tried something different on these. The sides have a very low angle taper creating a plate like look with the larger piece.

Here's the maple from next door. There's about 35 bowls in that load there.

Thursday about 7:00 a truck backed into the driveway a dumped 3 large logs of walnut, cherry and persimmon. It took 1.5 hours cutting them up and moving them behind the shop. It was a stain on the garden cart holding a 300 lb. load 7 times.
This shot is of the persimmon and cherry. The persimmon is to the right and the cherry in the middle. To the left is cedar received in August.

To the left is the walnut. This load alone will keep me busy for a long time. Isn't it nice to get wood dropped in your yard.

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