Friday, March 13, 2009

Has anybody seen my week. It seems I have lost an entire week. If anybody finds 3/9 - 3/12 and it has my name on it, please return it. Thank you.

Saturday: worked on irrigation pump at Victory Farms(Charlies).
Sunday: finally finished the seat I started last month. For fun, built a 7' trebuchet. Google it.
Monday: back to Victory Farms to work on irrigation pump.
Tuesday: finished first pump project. Working on the next pump and shed roof project.
Wednesday: organize and clean the shop, started 2 medium sized walnut bowls and finished an eating spoon. At 4:30 had to take the trebuchet over to Charlies To throw 10 oz. tennis ball sized projectiles 100'. What a fun waste of time.
Thursday: almost finished the walnut bowls before going to Crossroads Art Center show at10:00. What a fun waste of time.
Today: who knows? Maybe get into some new maple from the neighbors house next door.

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