Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Well,,,, It happened yesterday. Started swinging the hammer doing some trim in an old 2 story garage. Nothing plum or level according to the law of physics. They have been waiting a year to get this done. This will take some time. Time that will be scarce. Exactly 3 weeks before a planned show in Brooksville FL. and the need to be making bowls. Remembering the stress at the age of 30 that was brought on by the urge to carve and the need to actually make money. Things are different now. Having a little more patience and a little more scheduling skills. Get into the shop early for a few hours then off to swinging. Actually that stress that I had then was intenseified by not having a market to sell my carvings. With out a marketable product to boot. Having quit construction and spending 3 days at Kiptopeke State Park to figure out what the heck is going on. Looking back it is amazing to see how doors were opened. On leaving the park the Ranger asked about my stay. When told about being a carver he invited me to come back in a month and sell carvings at a 2 day event(wow). Got back home went to Woodcraft to get supplies for bird carving and was asked to teach classes and work there part time(wow). These events could be veiwed as just happenings, but my expeirience was much more than happenings. Three days of pain, did that really have to happen to get to today? One day of life changing happenings, how about that. Spent three days of painfull prayer only asking what to do.

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