Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Made a vain attempt to carve 30 spreaders yesterday. 22 finished with 11 more almost there. In the middle of production had a tool breakdown. It never fails to happen right when your in your groove. Cranked up bluegrass blaring and fully focused on where my fingers are in relation to the grinder(that will give you a nasty rash very quickly). When you run a tool for
hundreds of hours under stress within a few months it's more than it can handle. The poor grinder got it's brushes replaced just 2 months ago! which should last a year. The disease "tool breakdown" in production work should always be added in the time per piece before you start your project if you do this for a living. I however, did not do this. Thinking oh, these can be done in a day. Needless to say it was a long 9am to 7pm $110 production day. Any body out there live on $110 a day?
You may notice that sets of 3,4,5 look quite similar. If you cut the top profile out of a thicker piece then slice off to the right thickness you can reduce your time cutting out each individual piece thus saving time. I still wound up with an average of 25 minutes per piece. Selling the spreaders for $5 each will not get momma a cheap purse.

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