Monday, January 12, 2009

Hey all, Having a happy New Year yet? Things have slowed down to a comfortable pace now. I feel like I can make some fun(different) stuff. Still have to get into production work but not right away. Some types of pieces Like this little cherry(5x8x1.5 $40) take more time to create which are nice but also take longer to sell and this poor boy has a hungry little mouth to feed plus momma needs another purse. Really, Lillie(dog) only weighs 8lbs. and momma just bought a cheap purse(for her vast collection). Last week was good for spoons and salt cellars. What do you think of the short handle ladle/scoop?

Carved up these large maples(18x12x5 $100 each) two weeks ago. Pretty sure they are ready to go. Each had a crack in the end grain which are now closed tight. They are also the last of the red maple from my back yard. Having received five maple trees from different areas over the years each look so distinct.

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