Friday, January 30, 2009

Had to do a little more grinding on the Kutzall bit, but overall had good day(even did the dishes for momma after lunch).

Awww, now ain't them precious!

"Steal her heart with one of these". I Think that was a jewelery ad heard some few years back for a heart shaped diamond pendant. Diamonds are forever, but who sticks around that long. Go green, go wood it's cheaper and leaves a much smaller foot print(like baby socks). Think of all that money you will save!

The piece in the middle is a mini salt bowl to show size. All 6 are of maple. The 2 on the bottom right have not received their oil treatment yet. The one on the left was doused in red food coloring, very heartsie. The top right is a nice clean blond from the sap wood. There are 5 like that. The others have the heart wood and each very distinct. Their size measures 3.5"x3.5"x1.5" and cost $20 each.

One last shot. The doggy, 2 chairs and the kayak! All that and just $300 to get the bidding going!

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