Sunday, January 18, 2009

It looks like the Boss will be resigning from her position. Yep she's going to go back into the work force. Looks like trying to get her employee to get some work done was a little overwhelming. She also has her eye on a cheap purse.
Due to the cold weather and swinging a hammer(not having time to cut fresh wood) I rummaged around the shop for slabs of crotch and burl set aside for special projects. You already saw the walnut crotch so here is some nice cherry. The pestle has a pretty spot of burl on one end. Mortar and pestle are$40 and should have more made up from that tough hickory.

Friday night the boss had full control of the TV(free HBO and Cine. chick flic weekend). So it's in the shop to play. Last summer I really enjoyed hand carving little snake spoons at the Markets. They take about an hour to make. Cherry is the best to use because the grain is so tight and you can get pieces very thin with out breaking.

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