Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wow, 2 days to build a chair? What am I thinking.
Roberta found her chair or chaise lounge. It's very palatial and relaxing for her. She's like Queen of the Nile splayed out laying on her side hand feeding her little doggy while I attend her every need. As large as the piece is there isn't any room for her humble servant. So, it's time to make a matching chair. No wood carving here just all straight cuts. Monday morning, figured out what was needed and got materials. After lunch, measured and cut 1/2 plywood (before some precipitation came in getting things colder) and glued/nailed the base with the arm. Yesterday was glue/screw/nail every thing together(interior structural supports) and monkey with setting the springs. It would be nice to have a larger shop to build this thing instead of outside in the carport. Today I'll finish up with feet, set the cushions and cover with batting, then it's up to Roberta to get fabric and cover it. Hoping to be in the shop after lunch and wanting to dive into some walnut but first it will be a cedar platter(16x4x1.5) for Jim.

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