Friday, February 6, 2009

Ok it is the QUEEN here.....let me set a few things straight.....I think that the woodcarver might just have tooooo much sawdust up in that brain of his.
About waiting on me hand and foot....he has done the dishes more since I am working now....about that....yes I have gone to work outside the home...but he neglected to say that I never got paid to work at home and not to mention that the starving artist phrase is actually true. Some one needs to bring in the bacon so he can "play" out in his little shop! :) Which if he is going to sell my little doggie, then his little shop is for sale as well!
Sorry to those of you who are here to read about the carver, just having a little fun........maybe I should start my own blog "queen of little doggies and cheap purses!"

Signing off now: wife, queen, lazy lady, traitor, what else has he called me!

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