Saturday, February 7, 2009

What a busy night it was at Metro gallery last night. Thanks to all who stopped by to visit and chat. It was such a pleasure to meet and talk to so many nice folks. The question arose a few times about what types and size of wood I'm always looking for. The answer for the most part was anything and any size, but oak. Friends have dropped off logs ready for the fire but caught their eye and felt it would be a shame to go to ashes. The average length for fire wood is 18" to 24" which will be long enough to carve up 14" to 20" long bowls. Even branches 6" in diameter can be carved up into small bowls or spoons. If anyone out there has a chunk of wood they want converted into a bowl or spoon drop me an e-mail.

Here is the walnut with the sapwood perimeter that what was talked about yesterday. The contrast of the rich dark brown heart wood to the creamy light beige band is amazing.

I have to change the password to this blog now. Even though she set it up there only needs to be one side of the story here. There is some truth to what she says. Yes, The head of a carver does consist of sawdust. Yes, she is the queen. Yes, she wants another purse.
Well it looks like I'll be sleeping in the shop for a while(that is if she doesn't sell it first).

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