Friday, February 13, 2009

Anybody getting the February doldrums yet? They haven't hit here. Guess it's because the weather has been so nice the last few years keeping that cabin fever away. It's nice to be out and about with not having to be all bundled up for 5 months like them crazy Yankees. The problem is I'm outside more and not in the shop where I should be.

A while back I mentioned the maple from the back yard was all gone. It seems every time you turn around in this yard you find a chunk of wood you forgot was there. The size is 14x9x1.5 and the cost is $50.

What character. You gotta love walnut and how the grain sweeps around each knot like a river flowing around rocks. This would make a great bread serving bowl. It's size is 13x7x2 and the cost $60.

Almost finished this large walnut platter before going to Gary's at 5:30 to keep Holly out of trouble(it's usually the other way around) while he and Wendy went to P.T.C.

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