Sunday, December 14, 2008

What wonderful day it was at Yorktown yesterday. It wasn't the sunny chilly weather( not at 6:30 am. and 26deg. out when we left the house) that made it so bliss. It wasn't the beautiful scenery being 300' from the rivva and actually getting a slight whiff of salty air that caused the day to be remembered for a lifetime. It wasn't the generous appreciative folks coming out and supporting my work by trading money for altered wood. Of whom I do appreciate and thank you very much for your comments and enthusiasm for my carving. I'll tell you what really made my day so incredibly sweet. I spent the whole time with my life(wife). It's not often we get to do many shows together and this was her first time going to Yorktown with me other then vending at The South of the James Market. I have to say if I did not even make dime and it was freezing rain with the cold wind biting my face the day spent with Roberta was pure contentment. She truly is my better of the best half if not all of it. I suppose though, my bad half does not need her to tell me I'm driving to fast or to slow.
Thanks again not just to the Yorktown folks but everyone that has acquired a piece of my work.

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