Thursday, December 4, 2008

I've really been slackin..... November flew by far to quickly and I only made one new post for this site. Time fly's when your out in the shop making new stuff. It's nice to get out of the shop and get away during the height of the busy season though. The get away for the second year now was going to Craige Co. just West of Roanoke to get sycamore and spend time with a good friend Dale as well as others I met last year when I got 400 year old oak. Great music fresh from guitars, a banjo, mandalin and toss in a flute and recorder made for a very relaxing Sunday evening get together. Plenty of food and fine friends to catch up on things going on in the valley (it's not really gossip if you don't know the person). So now I'm back home refreshed and ready to make more saw dust. The rest of this week will be coffee scoops and spreaders.

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