Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I just e-mailed someone about a bowl and wrote "It's been quite a hectic season this year and can't wait for Christmas. " which reminded me of many seasons in the sign business from the age of 17 - 26. It's the mad rush from November into December and can't wait for Christmas. Not even thinking how the heck your going to make money for the next 3 months. Ahh, such the life of a wood carver/ go do home repair for 3 months and pay some bills. When we first moved to Virginia 14 years ago we found it strange to have to keep one job throughout the whole year. Growing up on Martha's Vineyard you work with the tourist season then find another job for 3 or 4 months and that's pretty much what 25% of the population of the Island does. I tried unemployment once for 2 weeks when I was 21 and had to find something to do other then wait for a check to come in. That's when Guilford Furniture Restoration came into the picture. Wonderful memories of whacking apart chairs with a rubber mallet cleaning and reglueing. Scarfing broken rungs, styles and every now and then a little carving. That was then, now I'll be running around with a hammer and putty knife for a spell.

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