Sunday, December 7, 2008

Hickory, and lots of it. 6- 8.5 foot logs. Counted 126 rings from the slab there. Hickory is tough stuff. Carved up a bowl 14x10x3 and 2 deep scoop spoons and with each stage from the roughing out to the final sanding just took longer, cause it's dense!

The sycamore was a large tree, whats left of it. This and the root ball. It was 38" across and that was about 5' up from the base. It grew fast being right on a creek . In between the wide growth rings though is some beautiful grain flecks that seem to radiate depth holding a piece at different angles. Carved up 12 spreaders on Tuesday after getting home from the mountains in the afternoon. It's re-energizing over there in that peaceful valley.

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