Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New wood

I keep thinking I'm going to run out of wood soon and every time I do I get an e-mail or call about wood. This year has been quite busy since March. We haven't quite figured out if it was busy in a good way or not. I have, however been carving up some nice new woods. I took a large order for 25 platters in April. The first three carved from sugar pine were enjoyable but the last 24 were monotonous!. Now my math may not look right. It usually doesn't, I wound up going to deep on one(of which is hanging around here) and selling another, one beautiful evening at !st. Friday Quirk Gallery.

I finally got a hold of persimmon. It only took 2 years of asking. I found out from VA Dept. of Forestry that (Persimmon heartwood is dark brown to black, and the sapwood is cream colored to light brown or gray. The wood is very hard and has been used for spindles, shuttles, golf club heads and other items that require shock-resistance. The fruit is eaten by humans, as well as by opossums,) The base of the(20-25 year old) tree was riddled by boring insects, great protein at no extra charge.

I have carved eastern white cedar before but not this big. A very large cedar right here in the center of the universe. for those of you outside of the center that's Ashland. If anyone is interested in some intense shavings let me know( I have only begun and have a trash bag full.

My sister, Amy had her 5th. 7-23-08. Finally a boy. Mom and Dad drove up from Fl. and arrived on the 18th. I was able to persuade them to stay a few days before I drove them up to Vermont. Dad threw 3 large camphor tree logs in the truck for me to play with. What an aroma! If your constantly snorting Vick's vapor rub you'll love this wood. It took 4 days for the shop to not make my eyes water. I'll get some pics if I actually carve another bowl. Also I have a bag of shavings for anyone.

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