Friday, August 29, 2008

Back to new wood.
Returning from the river with the dog earlier this spring. I came into Oakhill Estates from the back side on Melton Rd. which I never do, and took 2 lefts which turns you facing back. I passed right by a house with a pile of magnolia cut to 5'. Pulled in the driveway and went to the door. He told me it was cut down that day and the rest would be picked up the next morning. I came back after unloading the truck and dog then brought home 30'. The first bowl was a pleasure to carve(2nd.,3rd.,4th. ect. ect.). It's a very heavy wood, dense with a lot of water weight. The grain is creamy smooth with no transition from hard to soft texture within the growth rings. For such a wet wood it is very stable during it's cure time which is surprisingly short.

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