Thursday, January 24, 2008

Tom Lowe Woodcarver

Tom Lowe has been woodcarving for 24 years, starting with Sign Carving on Martha’s Vineyard Island.
He has a passion for creating unique one of a kind pieces. He started carving bowls upon his arrival in
Virginia. The first few bowls he made were not food safe but odd shapes, upon displaying a few items,
people starting asking if he could create food safe bowls. He then started with small peanut bowls,
and continued creating larger and different items. Some of the many different pieces he produces,
include Salad Bowls with Tongs, Salt Cellars, Cheese and Cracker Platters and Spoons, even ones
for left handed people. The woods he uses come mostly from Virginia and range from Oak, Maple,
Walnut, Cherry and Sweet Gum.
The price range for items:

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