Thursday, May 7, 2009

Busy, busy. Running around getting ready to sit and wait. Be patient the people will come out. It was a little rainy for the Market Emporium on Tuesday. Perfect weather for catching up with the family(fellow vendors).

Had a good long productive day yesterday. Even with 2 tool repairs still finished 16 mini's.

These little pearlescent beauties are carved up from a camphor tree that was removed from M&D's Florida property last year. Carved up a few bowls when I first got the wood. The vapor was so intense it would make the eyes water even 2 days latter. There are 4 slabs that have been curing out side for a year. Cured slabs are not as vaporous as the fresh stuff that's for sure. Also hardly any cracks on the end grain meaning it's a very stable wood.

Mulberry..... This stuff has been hidden, leaning up against the back of the shop for 2 years now and has not changed it's color much. It would be great to have a better camera to show more detail and truer color. It's close enough but, the yellow orange seen by the eye is quite stunning.

Some how managed to make this pecan mini and osage orange spoon/rest Tuesday morning.

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