Wednesday, April 15, 2009

You don't think I have just been laying around doing nothing do you? After a week of hammer swinging I finally got into the shop for a few days. A friend(Karen) asked me to carve up some kitchen cabinet door knobs. These were an enjoyable afternoon project. The wood is teak. Great stuff to work in small detail and still be durable. Of coarse some took a little longer to make so each will be priced by time.
heart $5, football $7, sun $10, umbrella $10, bird $15, rose $10, guitar $15, moon $10.

This is the last piece of the 3 maple I bagged a few weeks ago(16x8x3 $60). Once again I'm just to impatient. They were supposed to stay in the bag for 6 months.

At last, cherry!!!(13x10x2.5 $60). Been waiting a long time for this stuff. Unfortunately I'll have to wait some more. The web site has really picked up and orders are on the books for maple.

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