Monday, April 6, 2009

What a beautiful weekend. I was warned about having to cross the river a few times, but was not warned as to how deep and cold the water will be. Here is the first crossing for us. Each feeling a little apprehensive about walking through 34deg? fast moving water not to mention high gust winds. Somehow Ryan and I convinced Don to go first. After you get to the other side back on dry land it takes a minute for the feeling to come back to your legs, then it's back to get moving to see more and get to the campsite.

Here is about the midway point to where we set up camp. We traversed down and over at this junction.

This is a shot of our final destination for the day. Camp was the flat area to the upper right. I hunkered down and set up my tent strait ahead in the laurel out of the wind. The half moon shown bright that night as we sat around a warm fire whittling and tapping the toe's to the tunes from Don's harmonica.

The next day was a still cold morn. It makes a big difference to have a hot cup coffee to get the blood moving. We packed up and hit the trail by 10:45 and made it back to the car by 1:00. We could have made it sooner if I had not lost my right crock to the torrent river. I cannot thank Ryan enough for finding it just a little ways down.

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