Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Since coming home Sixteen days ago I got eight days in the shop before the back gave out again. I blame it on all the yard work that had to get done from such a nice winter. Four days laid up in bed and feeling a little more mobile today. It seems I tend to write more after an injury. Guess cause I can't lift anything which means no carving. Maybe tomorrow after a visit to the back cracker Dr. Mike.

Maple sculpture inspired by the edges of greens such as kale, curly spinach, seaweeds and a few flowers to boot.

Rotated view of carved wood sculpture.

4 Maple bowls average size 15x12x6. Also carved up a black walnut bowl. Will take a picture later and post it. Ya right....... I'll be feeling better and will be back in the shop grinding away on the next piece.

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