Sunday, August 14, 2011

New shapes carved out of cherry 13x13x5. Twice the amount of time and white knuckling was spent to carve these. It's nerve racking when the grinder rides up on the inside edge of the bowl wanting to free itself from your hands. The one on the right $140 and to the left $160. They go to market in 2 weeks.

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Anonymous said...

Tom, was a pleasure to purchase the piece of walnut as well as talking with you today. Your wood craft is remarkable. I only wish I had more money to buy other pieces. I still really love the twisted wood that I said would make an amazing wine bottle stand as well as the heart shape bowl. I may be purchasing the music note before the end of the market dec.3rd. Have you ever considered making celtic/welsh love spoons. Traditional gift sometimes given for a 5yr. wedding anniversry since the 5th year is wood. I had thought if getting one a while ago. The carvings can be very intricate. Thanks again, and hope to make it back to the South of the James market before the end. Crystal