Sunday, December 13, 2009

Yesterday was the last market. A large sigh of relief and sadness. To much yard work neglected all summer long. To many projects around the house put off. I have all winter to get that stuff done now.
If anyone needs that last minute gift just call or e-mail to stop by here at the house to see what is left in inventory. If it's a small piece that will cure fast like a coffee scoop, spreader, spoon or mini bowls I can have those ready next day. Large bowls take at least 2 weeks to cure. If you don't mind waiting to receive a bowl till after Christmas I can carve you one.
Speaking of yard work my close friend Gary has lent me his Katobata front end loader with back hoe tractor. Definitely need more room for logs behind the shop and get them out of the way in the yard. It will probably take week to cut and move what logs I have.

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