Thursday, August 6, 2009

Maple end grain cut 10x8x3.25 $62. What a look I just hope it stabilizes well. It started off with larger fractures in the center. After pouring water in it and letting the grain soak it up and swell I let it sit for a few hours then glued up all the little cracks. It's been a 3 day project and a little more than 3 hours I'm sure. Once again I have a good memory but forget to use it. One other thing is when carving end grain compared to cross grain your going to spend twice the amount of time shaping.

Maple spatulas $21 each. Bout 15 long with a 4.25 wide spat. It's hard to believe that the look of the wood grain changes so much in just a few months of laying around before carving it up. If you go back a few posts to March 31st. you'll find other maple spoons from the same tree that have a creamy look.

Cherry mortar and pestles. These took about 3 each to create. I've said it before that cherry is a lot of fun to get thin, but it takes forever to sand. It would be great to get some feed back from you viewers as to pricing pieces such as these. Would any of you be willing to pay $62 for a set?

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