Friday, October 3, 2008

What a busy week it's been.

Roberta and her mother Betty went off gallivanting around WV for the week. I'm glad she's always around to take care of the dogs that are so darn demanding!!!
I finally cleaned and rearranged the shop. Spent a whole afternoon blowing fine dust off everything. Had to even clean the face mask filters 3 times compared to once a week. Carved up 2 (very nice spalting pattern) red maple salad bowls (pics will be later) as well as 2 pine platters with gloss lacquered finish.
It was a gorgeous day at the Thurs. 17th street Farmers Market. It was great to meet the new manager George. We're all looking forward to vend with you. Thank you Lanette for doing double duty for such a long time. Maybe your hair will finally grow back.
Today gotta process a small cedar tree for a client. She requested a few baguette bowls and 4 sets of salad tongs.

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